Loup Garou

LOUP GAROU is a new environmental performance that uses rigorous physicality, poetry, music and visual installation to investigate the deep interconnectedness between land and culture in Louisiana. Presented by ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarro, in collaboration with the Gulf Restoration Network, Loup Garou is part performance, part ritual, part howl to the world about southeast Louisiana’s plight. We invite you to join us as we sing a song of love and hope for our precarious homeland.


What is a Loup Garou?

He is a wild and dangerous entity (some say a werewolf ) well anchored in the folk traditions of southern Louisiana. His story comes from France through Acadia down the Mississippi and numerous inland routes to Louisiana



“In the future, there will be tow types of people: those who saw Loup Garou and those who didn’t.  Those who did will never forget it.”

Brian Sands

Ambush Magazine



Performer: Nick Slie
Director: Kathy Randels
Poet: Raymond “Moose” Jackson
Designer: Jeff Becker
Visual Installation: Phil Cramer, Adam Tourek & Swamp Deville
Musicians: Barbara & Whit Connah
Production Manager: Melisa Cardona
Production Assistants: Joanna Russo & Hannah Pepper-Cunningham



INFANT Festival, NACL (North American Cultural Laboratory), KO Festival, Carpetbag Theater, Clear Creek Festival, Alternate ROOTS, FURY Factory and Sarah Lawrence College.