Mondo Bizarro, in addition to our various artistic endeavors, is a full-service media studio.  Over the past thirteen years, we have documented dance and theater productions, festivals, and organizational meetings as well as produced original content for a wide variety of clients using our expertise in video and audio production.  In the age of digital communication recording and sharing our work has become easier and, in many ways, a very vital part of making our companies grow.  We produce fundraising, promotional and work sample videos, provide multiple camera shoots, professional audio recording, conduct interviews,  and more.  Prices vary according to the scope of your project so please contact us to discuss your idea and to get an estimate.  Below you will find a list of past clients and a few samples of our work.


Past clients include:
The National Performance Network (NPN)
The Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET)
ArtSpot Productions
Junebug Productions
Alternate ROOTS

Gulf Restoration Network

Sautee Nacoochee Community Association
Tsunami Dance Company

Urban Bush Women