Pchile Goyin (a letting go)

Pchile Goyin (a letting go) is the story of a woman swallowed by a lake. Waking on the other side, she finds herself in a place populated by colossal spiders and shape-shifting trees. Where a snake charmer gives lessons in shedding your own skin. Through large-scale puppetry, shadow projections, live music and intensely physical performance, NEW NOISE and Mondo Bizarro take audiences on a spectacle-sized journey through this folk tale of transformation.


Pchile Goyin was presented in collaboration with NEW NOISE.
You say it ‘puh-chee-lay goy-in.’



“… filled with flashes of brilliance and beauty.”
Helen Jaksch
NOLA Defender



Director/Creator: Joanna Russo
Performers: Becca Chapman, Owen Ever, Odile Nicole del Giudice, Hannah Pepper-Cunningham & Adam Tourek
Lighting Design: Hannah Adams
Original Music: Will Bowling
Masks and Costumes: Becca Hebert
Puppets: Sarah Zoghbi
Dramaturg/Videography/Space Design: Rachel Lee
Stage Manager: Mallory Schexnayder-Heath
Producers: Phil Cramer & Nick Slie