Award-winning performance innovators ArtSpot Productions and Mondo Bizarro present FLIGHT, an original show that uses performer-activated machines, film projection, song and live theater to explore humankind’s enduring dream of flight and the unpredictable consequences of its pursuit.  The brainchild of sculptor and set designer Jeff Becker, FLIGHT collages characters and ideas inspired by the primal urge to fly, the mythic nature of flight, the modern advances in flight technology, and the human need to “fly away” from natural disasters or political turmoil.  Stunning visuals, live music and dazzling physical performances merge to create a flight fantasia that will invite audiences to consider the ways in which flight has touched their lives, their cities, their countries and the world.



Concept and Design by: Jeff Becker
Co-Directed by: J Hammons
Performed by: Ashley Sparks, Kathy Randels, Lisa Shattuck, Nick Slie & Bruce France
Written by: Lisa D’Amour and Lisa Shattuck
Video Artist: Courtney Egan
Music by: Sean LaRocca and Kathy Randels
Costumes by: Susan Gisleson
Sung by: The New Orleans Divas
Production Manager: Selena Poznak


Performance Dates

May 2008
St. Mark’s Community Center


November 2008
New Orleans Fringe Festival


March 2010

Living Arts Festival

Tulsa, OK